whether you're enjoying time with friends

or enjoying a resting spot in Jackson Square

we invite you to take a piece of New Orleans wherever you may go

and #liveneauxla

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more than a brand…it’s a way of LIFE.


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What is NEAUXLA?

New Orleans: The Crescent City, The Big Easy, The City That Care Forgot. Home to a diverse and rich culture, and people, founded upon an equally profound history. Ours is a city full of music, great food and rollin’ good times. This city is an eclectic patchwork of spontaneity, community and unbridled pride. Here at Neauxla, we hope to embody this magnificent mosaic that is NOLA, and represent it with our designs displayed on our apparels. We are proud New Orleanians and we believe that with our tee shirts and hats, you can express our collective joy and delight of being a part of the the grand parade that is the great city of New Orleans!