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When we were starting out of a small room in New Orleans, we knew of one thing only. We were going to make our mark in the apparels industry because we were passionate about our city and what we were doing. We started off printing small orders, with original designs for our few enthusiastic customers. We have since then expanded, serving customers all over.

Our customers know our belief in high quality. They love the designs of our t-shirts and hats.  The challenge that faced us was customers wanting more and more. So what did we do? Neauxla City Pride Apparels was born.

Neauxla is focused on designs that speak to the culture, nature and style of New Orleans. Cultivated and artistic, yet simple, refined and original. We aim to tap into that innate “it” that makes New Orleans and makes us New Orleanians.


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Here at Neauxla we also believe in giving back to our community and plan to support different community initiatives, and local businesses to help promote the ongoing growth and resurgence of our city. We believe that strong and happy communities make the best citizens and are always in support of the different good deeds of our customers.

New Orleans is known for pioneering several success stories and introducing creative ideas into all industries, so we value the need to appreciate the services that can be obtained at the city, as such we will recognize events, festivals, businesses, restaurants etc through our social media presence and blog. We provide the best destination for the most exciting products that portray the medley and pastiche culture of New Orleans. 

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